Episode 15

Published on:

6th Jul 2020

Sharing Breath with Shawn Kekoa Pimental

Darling listeners, we are joined this week by Shawn Kekoa Pimental who is a Native Hawaiian musician. He has so much to share about the strong, beating heart of Native Hawaiian culture. This all too brief lesson has so many rich details you'll hear new things with every repeat listen. He teaches so much about the culture, language, and history of Hawai'i and shares profound stories from the protests fighting to protect Mauna Kea.

Some of the main talking points from the episode are:

  • Removing language as a tool of oppression and the sweet relief brought by schools like Punana Leo (The Language Nest) in returning that language to small children so they can grow up with the words in their souls and in their dreams.
  • A brief history of the ways Native Hawaiian Culture has been under attack and has thrived anyway.
  • A firsthand account of the protests fighting to protect Mauna Kea and such a clear explanation of why it needs protecting.

Here is the link for a petition you can sign to stop the TMT on Mauna Kea and here is the bail fund Shawn mentioned, Kahea.org

You can find Shawn's music at ShawnandLehua.com

You can join the Daybreaker community here at Daybreaker.com

You can learn more about the Hokulea Worldwide Voyage here at Hokulea.com

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